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Client Testimonials

To Whom It May Concern
We are a small company. A few years ago we decided to have data-based website. To create such a website is not a small chore. One of the biggest challenges is finding a helpful hosting service, because in the beginning there are many false starts and a lot of hand-holding is required.
We chose to provide the hosting services. We bought one of their rather inexpensive packages. We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of help and prompt support from these folks. We anticipate subscribing to their higher-end packages as our company grows.
I would recommend to anyone who is looking for hassle-free good quality.
Max Ansari MS., P. Eng.


Congratulations on a great site.
I have worked as a network support engineer for over 2 years. I have an MSCE, CCNA and I am A+ certified as well as having an IS degree and I spent hours upon hours trying to get other shopping carts to work...all to no avail.
Using your software, I was able to add a functioning cart to my site in less than 15 minutes. Great Job!
Ken Philips

We have been their customer since the very early days of e-mail. Since then, they have handled all our e-mail, website and ftp needs.

Of course many companies can provide these services. But most would not be as responsive as they have been when things have gone wrong in this imperfect technological world. They have always worked quickly, 24/7, to solve problems and have solved them. I am not a technological genius, but they've never talked down to me as we've worked through situations. They have explained things carefully and have listened to our needs to try to offer the options we need when we need them, not overselling us on things before we're ready for them.

I can provide a thorough recommendation of Online Corporation of America with confidence.

Best regards,
Richard S. Lewis


thank u
so far out of all the sites ....and there are hundreds...i know cos ive been on them
yours is the best and most comprehensive. i love it so far.

Victoriana Fine Art

Elliott & Staff,

Thank you so much I haven't been this happy in a long time. I love using the Quickcart, it is 10 times better than the Miva. I feel it has better "extras" at no extra cost. It was easier to set up and adding products and so is so much easier. I highly recommend the Quick cart! I would tell anyone that has a shopping cart this is the way to go. Thanks for making it easier and better!

See You Soon...

Magically, Frank DeMasi

MAGICFRANK Orders (866) 624-4251 Phone
(973) 994-9673 Fax (973) 994-2316

We have several successful jewelry webstores that have been hosted by a shopping mall for the past four years but, when we began having difficulty getting our stores upgraded in appearance and features, we surveyed the web to find a hosting service that would better fill our needs.

We picked out of many potential choices and have been delighted with their service. Not only is their QuickCart software the most versitile and attractive in the business, but they have quickly adapted it to fit our needs. They helped redesign our sites to be more attractive and effective, and have opened up several promising new marketing possibilities. All this with prices that are more than fair. We highly recommend to anyone who wishes to expand their e-commerce capabilities easily and quickly without spending a fortune.

Fred Hare Vice President
Headdress Jewelry and Accessories

To whom it may concern (especially a supervisor)

I want to thank Online Corp for all their support effortless help in getting the site I’m developing up and running. I really want to thank Elliot Kayne for all his brilliant help and terrific sense of humor AND PATIENCE!!!!!!!! He handled all my problems like it was nothing. Kudos to him and to your Company. Keep up the amazing work folks. Now I know who to refer all my hosting solutions too when my fellow web designers need a host.

All my best,

Mark Caputo

1. “I believe that in the future, Online Corporation of America will replace oxygen as the basic essential to sustain life on Earth.”

2. “Online Corporation of America is so great, I wish I could clone myself into a computer just so I could Marry Online Corporation of America and produce little Online Corporation of Americas.”

3. “Forget about it, Online Corporation of America is better than the Soprano’s.”

4. “I love Online Corporation of America because it gives me that funny feeling deep down inside like when climbing a rope in 3rd grade gym class.”

5. “There was this one time at band camp, Online Corporation of America and I---.“

6. “I have used other companies in the past for my website hosting, but Online Corporation of America is by far the best. Their servers are extremely fast, very reliable and their customer service is unmatched anywhere. Everyone is friendly, readily available and they have even returned my call on a Sunday.”

7. “Nine out of ten doctors recommend Online Corporation of America for the daily recommended amount of Fiber and Iron needed in a healthy diet. The tenth doctor is just plain stupid.”

8. “Online Corporation of America is fat free, low in cholesterol and now comes in all natural flavors with no artificial coloring.”

9. “Quick Cart is the best shopping cart available anywhere. It is very powerful but extremely easy to use. It is constantly being updated and improved, sometimes even on a daily basis. Just when you thought Quick Cart couldn’t get any better, they add a new feature that makes it even more powerful.”

10. “In the middle ages, the ancient people of Europe used to worship Online Corporation of America as a god and offer human sacrifices of young beautiful virgins to ensure a good harvest and to make sure the sun would continue to rise each day. Stonehenge is actually a temple built to honor Online Corporation of America.”

11. “Elliott Kane himself is a god.”

12. “It wasn’t Little Richard, but Online Corporation of America that invented Rock N’ Roll.”

13. “Online Corporation of America was the original drummer for the Beatles long before Pete Best and actually wrote 75% of the White Album, but never received any credit or one penny of royalties.”

14. “I use Online Corporation of America for one reason---the blond girl on their web page is hot!!!”

Nick Forseman ---

Online Corporation of America
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