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Affiliate Plans: Make More Money Become an Online Hosting Affiliate


Online Corporation is actively seeking affiliate partnerships. 
Whether you want to establish your own company to sell our services, or act as an authorized agent, we have a plan for you.  Our reseller plan offers you the ability to offer web hosting without the hassles of owning your own infrastructure.  You get the world-class reliability of our servers, network, and system administrators at substantial savings. 

We offer bonuses and finders fees for programming, graphic design, consulting and dedicated hosting referrals.

Here are the program's main features:

Affiliate Discount on All Hosting and Promotion Products*
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Referral Bonus (no accounts)
$25 on any referral sign-up
2-5 Accounts
20% off
6-10 Accounts
25% off
11-25 Accounts
30% off
26-50 Accounts
40% off


  • There are no fees to participate. No Sign Up forms, No Cost or Obligation
  • A free .COM, .NET, or .ORG domain name with every new annual (yearly paid) account.
  • Reduced setup fees - all setup fees reduced by 50% for resellers!
  • Monthly promotions - April / May - FREE setup on every fifth site.
  • Talent Referral Exchange - If you program, or do specialized graphics or offer services we can help you to get more business.
  • Step Up Discounts - If you grow your business with us and wish to step up to a dedicated server.

Contact us at 570-686-2300 if you have any questions.

Resellers have the ability to offer our complete line of virtual hosting and dedicated servers at any price point they decide.  Add value to our services, such as marketing and design, or sell them as they are.

We ARE your back office!
You never have to worry about losing your customers to us - we will never contact them without your permission,

Rest easy knowing your websites are in the hands of our friendly and knowledgeable technical support staff.  Our servers and network are known for their rock-solid reliability. If you have entrepreneurial spirit and want to start earning money today, become an Online Team member. We consider resellers one of our most valuable assets, and we will do everything possible to make sure you prosper.

This program is generally suitable for those with multiple websites per year on any of our regular package plans. In our reseller program, your first site would be billed at regular price, and each additional site qualifies for reseller discounts.


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