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Online Corporation of America has been providing excellence in web site design, dedicated servers and hosting, e-commerce, and custom application development since 1996.

Whether you are a small business site, or large enterprise Online Corp has a hosting plan to suit your company's needs today and to grow with you in the future. From cost effective basic hosting to advanced database hosting on MS-SQL or MYSQL we have plans that are affordable, and reliable.

As your hosting needs grow from a shared environment to more advanced platform, Online Corp is prepared to meet the challenge. We provide managed hardware/software solutions, private virtual networks, secure server, all housed in our environmentally controlled state of the art operations center.

As one of the early pioneers of internet E-Commerce we wrote the very first production E-Commerce system in ColdFusion way back in 1996. Our expertise has evolved ever since and now we are one of the primer E-Commerce solution providers in the world. With over 25000 stores to our credit, consisting of both large enterprise and small mom and pop shops we have been successfully made their E-Business dreams into reality.

We have pioneered simplicity in E-Commerce. The technology authored by our programming guru's has revolutionized E-Commerce on the web. Now it is easier than ever to create and maintain a internet web store. We invite you to try for FREE, you will be amazed at just how easy it is to sell online.

Our staff of experienced designers and programmers understand your business. To design your site to attract, engage, and deliver your marketing message. To design your site for search engine optimization so you get the very best placement. To add functionality not bells and whistles. To solidify your corporate image and making your customer experience a memorable one. To provide you with tools to sustain long term relationships with your customers.

The internet is a platform to perform business functions. Your company's success depends upon your ability to use the tools effectively to minimize effort and maximize profits. We build tools to build your business. Our programmers are experienced in ColdFusion, SQL, ASP, .NET, PHP. If you can dream it ... we can create it.... and may already have.
Chances are we have done all or part of the type of application that you are interested in developing.

Many times our customers come to us with distressing stories of unprofessional programmers who have the "lov'em and leave'em" blues. They are stuck with a poorly written program that is half finished, half working and a mess. That's OK ... we can fix it. We are experienced in reading code and quickly getting the job done. Contact us, we will fix it.

Our business plan is an old fashioned one -- of provide high quality products & services at a reasonable price, coupled with excellent customer service. The Customer is King!

Treat you how we wish to be treated!
Don't you hate companies who act as though they are doing you a favor by doing business with you?

I cannot stand dealing with a company who I wait forever on the phone (if they even list a phone number), get trapped in voice mail hell, or wait forever for a email reply.


We are constantly upgrading our customer support areas, including our new Control Panel System, Knowledge Base, FAQ Sections, Support Forums, Live Chat, Telephone LIVE response system.

We pride ourselves on nothing less than excellent customer service and support. We actually answer the phone with live people. In this day and age, with voice mail and email, that is something to brag about!

If you are not totally thrilled by our service and support in thirty days, we will give you your money back no questions asked!!!

Another reason for our success is our partners. We have established long term relationships with Affiliates, Distributors, Vendors, and Developers. We have always been good Internet Citizens, with zero spam tolerance, memberships on various Internet policy setting boards, and being a advocate for quality standards.

The fact that most of our original clients who joined us back in 1996 are still with us, speaks volumes about our client relationships. The fact that over 70% of our new client sign ups were from recommendations also speaks volumes about our customer satisfaction rating.

We would like to thank our current clients for their continued support, and welcome our future clients to the family.

If there is anything we can do for you please feel free to contact us. 

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